Davenport Vacation Rentals

Whether you want to visit theme parks or visit the many other attractions that the area has to offer then Davenport is a great place to be in Central Florida. Take your pick from hundreds of Davenport vacation homes, condos & villa rentals, most vacation homes & villas offer all the comforts from home and more, some including, lakefront settings complete with pool, games room, theater room and flat screen TV’s. Conveniently located right in the center of Florida, Davenport is about 45 minutes southwest of the Orlando International Airport and just over an hour east of the Tampa International Airport. Most visitors either drive from elsewhere in Florida or fly into one of the nearby airports and then rent a car to travel between their Davenport vacation rentals and the area attractions. Like most of Central Florida, Davenport enjoys hot, humid weather for most of the year. Summer temperatures climb to the low 90s, while winter daytime temperatures can dip down into the 60s.


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